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This section of LitterLott is called turdweb.

  • To create a website doesn’t necessary need to be expensive or complicated. We have a dialog that one understands.
  • Do you have an idea of a website? We can help you build and design it. We believe that anything is possible and work together with our costumers until everyone is satisfied!

For example:

From any wordpress page, if you know what to do, its possible to do ”almost” anything you want. A tool like wordpress can help you to form a unique look with attributes without spending a lot of extra money on pro versions and/or men in suits!

We also will help you build a simple page from scratch (Java/JavaScript) if you prefer. Any other program you work with, probably not a problem…

This part of LitterLott is driven together with the System developer Edvin Berg, my brother!

Contact us if you wan´t to know what we can do for you or your company!


Website: (swedish)


Designing websites for you & your company.