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Web & Product design

In association with the innovation management at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm Sweden:

”LitterLott started out of a thesis project in Design engineering. Back then we focused on the behavior around butt littering and tested new products and ideas trying to decrease the problems around littering. All along we had the intention to start a debate in that matter.

Since then, LitterLott has taken a broader approach, and now runs as a company in the fields of web design and design- & product engineering.”

//David Berg, owner of LitterLott


Who are we?

A civil engineer with a passion for design, innovation & it.

Edvin Berg

System developer

A system developer who wants to create value through digital solutions.


"The guy behind our new website is DAVID BERG, he is a kind of an it-magician who has solutions for everything".
Bo Aggerborg
Owner, Cigbuster AB
"We have had the pleasure of working with David for the past two years with our web page and IT solutions. David is a problem solver who always finds a way to make things happen on time and on budget. His customer relation skills are excellent and he is a pleasure to do business with. We would have no hesitation at recommending David to anyone in need of his skills and experience."
Evelin Benson
Manager, Stickspåret Designbutik
"Really satisfied! I think my site now is supurb...fantastic!"
Liana Rikberg
Entrepreneur & Health inspirer, Letmeinspireyou