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My name is David Berg, a father of three who loves designing, inventing and building things. That includes both working with the computer and the hammer. I do anything from designing websites & logos to invent or develop brand new products.
I studied Design Engineering, with thesis in mechanics, at the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH) in Stockholm Sweden. KTH played a roll in the initiation of LitterLott. You can read more about that journey in the Background section.


I love running and almost all other kinds of sports. I work as a supervisor for Scandinavian Airlines Ground Handling at Arlanda airport (Stockholm) along with doing web & product design projects within my own business LitterLott.

I have lived one year in beautiful Oregon, USA. Go Ducks! A visit to the US in the summer of 2017 really gave some inspiration for the Crossboarder project, especially when visiting Venice Beach.

Last but not least, my kids all contributed to the Crossboarder project in one way or another (see video above) and can be seen in the project movie.
A special thanks to them and my wife for letting me have a childlike mind and having an excuse for it!

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Innovation & Creativity